• Medium Voltage Power System
  • Power System Design
  • Emergency Power Systems
  • Standby Power Generation
  • Lightning Protection
  • Energy Studies / Feasibility Studies
  • Fault Studies
  • Arc Flash Studies

SDE has designed electrical power and distribution systems for medical facilities, educational buildings, commercial and industrial properties, and food and beverage buildings. Our registered professional engineer has experience in medium voltage power design including substations, overhead and underground distribution. We prepare bid and construction documents for building normal power, and emergency and/or standby power systems.

At SDE, we strive to evaluate projects to design efficient code compliant power layouts. In buildings today, there are many sensitive electronic systems that require protection from lightning, surges, and transient voltages. Our professional staff utilizes appropriate surge protection devices in our designs.

For fault studies and arc flash studies, we use current in house programs to evaluate power systems so electrical equipment is properly labelled and people are protected.